Testimonials – Vicky Voller

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“Vicky is a delightful person to have on any crew. Extremely professional, diligent and great at what she does. I’d have her on any team.”

Caroline Richards – Head of Production

Big Talk Productions

“I had the pleasure of working with Vicky on Friday Night Dinner. She’s charming, great fun to work with, and totally brilliant at her job. Her team are also fantastic. Book her now!”

Robert Popper – Writer /Director

Friday Night Dinner

“Vicky Voller is one of my favourite Make-Up Designers. I’ve always found her to go above and beyond the brief. Always delivering great looks and is wonderful with the cast and crew alike. Super professional at all times cast are never late to set. Vicky brings a calm and nurturing vibe to the make up dept something we all love about her, the cast feel very looked after at all times.”

Debbie Pisani – Producer

Bad Move/Back to Life

“Vicky is fabulous – Hugely talented, hugely organised and hugely lovely to have on set. Snap her up!”

Adam Miller – Director

Bad Move 2

“Hard-working, talented and super collaborative, Vicky did an amazing job on Mister Winner, a BBC sitcom we worked on together. What’s that? An actor’s entire back covered in acupuncture needles whilst not inserting any of them? Vicky’s got the answer!”

Andrew Chaplin – Director

Mister Winner

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